Turning Point Consulting delivers educational strengths-based programs to schools, student groups and professionals.

We aim to clarify self, purpose, goals and areas of enjoyment linked to self-development, leadership and career planning.

Kathryn AngleKathryn Taylor, Director & Owner

BEd (Sec), Grad. Cert. Career Development Practice, CAHRI MACE HFTGN CMF, Wellbeing Australia Board member, expert in Education and Wellbeing for ACPi and NESA Accredited.
Director of Turning Point Consulting, a Centre of Excellence: Leadership, Change & Wellbeing Services (ACPi Pty Ltd).

Turning Point Consulting is a NESA accredited PD provider recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Leadership, Change & Wellbeing Services (ACPi Pty Ltd)

  • We offer schools a holistic professional development platform that encompasses self-assessment, candid reflection, strategic analysis of capacity and targeted outcomes.
  • We work across K-12 in faith-based, independent and department schools to deliver staff, student and parent sessions aligned to school strategic plans to build or support professional practice, student learning and community engagement through leadership, wellbeing, engagement and transition programs and coaching.
  • We have extensive experience in both the education and corporate sectors, incorporating human resources, leadership, organisational change, talent management, purposeful performance appraisals and individual mentoring.
  • We deliver strategic content to the entire school, department, year group or in an individual session. We work on core strengths and motivations to assist in successfully achieving leadership KPIs, strategic objectives and improved engagement.

Schools, educators, students, parents and aligned associations are offered support in creating a platform for positive personal evaluation, planning and transition. Her consultation, educational programs and student workshops enable individuals in identifying and developing themselves through resilience, empowerment, motivation and engagement. Presenting at conferences for leadership, DEC, Catholic Schools and AIS, attendees rate her highly with feedback including “thought provoking points raised to consider”, “the story telling using personal experience provided much value”, “I’ve taken a lot of learnings which I will implement in work and life” and “very motivating and made me feel empowered.”

Kathryn’s strengths are in utilising a high energy, non-confrontational style for a candid reflection of capabilities to comfort, understand and support individuals to “See Opportunities” in themselves and their chosen field.

Turning Point Consulting Commences

Seeing these challenges I established Turning Point Consulting at the start of 2012 to provide the chance for individuals throughout all stages of life to see opportunities in their lives and career paths through programs that improved self-awareness, emotional intelligence, reflection and personal growth. In building the business I have been able to utilise vast networks to enrich staff and student’s lives through practical and individual coaching and application. Our educational programs have been carefully crafted to mirror and yet extend in-school and professional programs with comprehensive educator and networking and student forums founded in strengths-based methodology. Our work was consolidated in 2014 when we became recognised as an accredited provider of professional development by BOSTES, in 2016 when we were recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Leadership, Change and Wellbeing Service and when I was awarded an Honorary Fellowship for our work in education by The Teachers Guild of NSW.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to support individuals in seeing opportunities and so spreading optimism. We achieve this by helping individuals to increase mindfulness and to build resilience by developing greater:

  •   Self-awareness
  •   Confidence
  •   Responsibility and
  •   Emotional intelligence

Our Values

  •   Empowerment through engagement and clarity of purpose
  •   Optimism in all actions, seeing opportunities for all
  •   Professionalism delivered through ethics, honesty and integrity

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