Student Wellbeing & Bullying Prevention Programs

anti-bullying programOur programs provide a proactive solution to an essential school program in anti-bullying education. By encouraging:

  • Ownership
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Resilience

These characteristics are combined with the tools to help younger students respond to bullying in a realistic way.

With a framework of positive psychology our program takes students through a day in the life of a child, like them, highlighting both good and bad experiences communicating the emotions of all parties. Using the concept of “How Full is Your Bucket©” [Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer] students are offered a common language that staff and parents can also adopt in daily conversations. The metaphor of a bucket helps to communicate our vulnerabilities and the need for positive encouragement and support for us all to contribute at our best.

In our interactive session, children receive rewards, recognition and praise for filling others’ wellbeing buckets and so filling their own through good deeds, kindness, positive behaviours and thinking of others. They have the chance to see and understand the way bullying, negativity and hurtful words and actions impact others and themselves.

Discussing real situations children face such as: a new child starting at school, others not including you in their game, and not being rewarded for something you did, offer a tangible link between the concepts and our children’s daily lives in schools.

We also have wellbeing programs for staff, read more about them here.

(*individual consultations also available)
Resilience through Positivity & Ownership (Bullying Prevention) We reinforce the difference between bullying focusing on resilience and different interpersonal styles as important in build confidence and awareness throughout our lives. Kindergarten to year 12 1-2 hours


Managing Change: Approaching my Future Addressing underlying concerns about change, the unknown and pressures on decision making during final years of schooling or studies, we provide an introduction to focus on future and potential next steps through opening opportunities. Year 11-12 1-3 hours


Impacts on my Wellbeing Working with students we breakdown aspects of wellbeing to improve awareness and clarity of impacts on student’s lives, relationships, studies and independence. Year 5 to 12 2-5 hour


Managing my Wellbeing Identifying the issues around personal behaviours and mindset, we support students in identifying and electing positive strategies of response to negative thoughts, relationships and situations. Year 7 to Post School 1-2 hours


Study Skills through Strengths Supporting all students, we take an individualised approach to student learning to identify study habits that will accommodate students learning styles and support their existing strengths. Year 5 to 12 1-2 hour


See our links page for resources and information such as this great Bullying Prevention Support information for teachers, parents and students.


“Our school engaged with Kathryn in her motivational and inspiring resilience and bullying prevention workshops. Immediately we noticed a positive shift in our students’ resilience and understanding of their emotional intelligence. After Kathryn’s staff workshops our staff were motivated to implement positive strategies in their classrooms and across our school environment to support our students resilience and understanding on how their actions can affect others and themselves. We engaged Kathryn to deliver workshops for our parents which has supported our community to have a common language and understanding on how to support our students’ emotional intelligence. I can’t recommend Turning Point Consulting high enough to make a positive, immediate and inspiring impact for your school community.”

Katrina Berwick, Principal,
Kingswood Park Public School

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