Career Guidance Services

Do you, your child or students need help choosing a career path?

Want a positive career assessment tool that provides flexible support?

Choosing a career, identifying your future and picking a degree can be a daunting prospect if you are not confident, clear on your skills and abilities and aware that change is part of the guidance Our programs support students and adults on their vocational journey by breaking down the career selection process.

Our services assist students through to executives in their career journey. This is achieved by identifying their strengths, clarifying interests, reviewing career tools and abilities in alignment to recruitment cycle

  • What career options they have
  • How to search for roles
  • Writing a resume and application letter
  • Working with referees

Working on an individual basis with you, we will:

  • Clarify best pathways and career options
  • Conduct career assessment if required to support discussion and planning
  • Review and refine your resume for search
  • Draft and assess application letters and selection criteria
  • Prepare and role play interview questions
  • Reflect and debrief on career search to interview feedback
  • Design a tailored and achievable career plan

career guidanceOur personal coaching, workshops and seminars provide a framework of self-reflection through self-analysis seeking abilities and strengths in relation to their choices. Students are provided with interactive and real life examples of the process. The aim is to allow them to face the challenge, highlighting areas where they can stand out.

Key to all of our services is to empower participants to take control of their life path and instil in them the important knowledge that changes are opportunities to grow from.



“Turning Point Consulting clearly identified my strengths and helped me selling “me” to my potential employers. I strongly recommend Turning Point Consulting to anyone who wants to know who they are and what they are capable of in their profession and life”

“career professional who takes pride in knowing what’s going on in her field of expertise – She is always on top of what’s happening / where / and with who and this is invaluable when looking to add value to the recruitment process”

“was taking a longer term view and trying to ensure a good fit with the business needs and the resources available, leading to our success, rather than coming up with a non optimal solution”

“refreshingly impressed with her listening skills, integrity, knowledge and open and frank advice”

“highly knowledgeable about the individuals, teams and companies within the pharma industry and has a strong understanding of their strengths and challenges”

“highly professional individual and is proud of her expertise in HR management.  She really listens to her clients needs to provide a customised solution for the situation, no matter how big or small you are.  You always feel important and well looked after”

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