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Seeing Opportunities in Individuals

Educational Programs and Career Coaching
for students, teachers and professionals

Turning Point Consulting is a recognised centre of Excellence, Leadership, Change and Wellbeing (ACPi accredited). We are also a NESA Accredited Professional Development Provider and an Accredited Licensed Practitioner for Motivational Maps.

Working with individuals, businesses and in education, we deliver human resources services and personal development utilising motivational and strengths-based programs. Our aim is to clarify self, purpose, goals and areas of enjoyment linked to self-development, leadership and career planning. We offer programs in wellbeing, resilience, leadership development, career assessment and student transition.

Education Consultants Sydney workshops, programs

We strive to:

  • Develop emotional intelligence through increased self-awareness, supporting individuals in seeing opportunities in themselves, their work and ultimately their life.
  • Utilise strengths-based assessment tools combined with foundations of positive psychology to coach and mentor through the personal development process.

School Programs

Our Education Programs for Primary, Secondary schools & Higher Education include:

  • interactive student workshops
  • informative group sessions
  • personal mentoring consultations
  • parent consultations and events
  • staff development seminars

We support a holistic approach to whole school engagement. Students are empowered on their paths of transition through schooling, career planning and life after school. Our specialised programs and assessment tools develop engagement within the school community through common language, behaviours and self-confidence.

Scheduled Career Guidance Seminars:
Bring your students to one of our monthly career guidance seminars. Find out more…

Staff Development

Our Professional Development Programs and Consulting Services respond to the agile business environment, enriching staff by working together to deliver a comprehensive consultation through:

  • redefinition,
  • specification,
  • documentation

Our talent and career guidance services support key projects including:

  • talent management,
  • recruitment and selection support,
  • role and departmental review,
  • restructures.

Networking events:
Gain knowledge and network with your peers. Read more…

Summary of our Services

We provide school-based educational programs, staff development programs and professional development training at all levels: executive teams, staff and students. Current programs are summarised in the following, customised programs are available with discussion.

Student Sessions Primary Secondary Tertiary Parents Individual
Resilience & Bullying Prevention
Supporting Wellbeing
Strengths & Self Awareness
Career Transition Skills
Networking & Recruitment Trends
Resume Writing
Interview Skills
Presentation & Appearance
Scholarship Application Process
Industry Trends & Changes
Work Readiness
Leadership Skills


Professional Development & Networking Sessions Schools Career Advisers Corporate Individual
Leaderships Skills
Strengths & Personal Development
Emotional Intelligence & Positive Communication
Supporting Wellbeing
Time Management Tips
Career Coaching Skills
Industry & Networking Forums
Networking & Recruitment Trends
Resume Writing Techniques
Resume Review & Refinement
Interview Skills

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