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Turning Point offers a variety of networking opportunities for education professionals, executives, parent representative and support staff. They encompass a range of topics with a dedication to building skills, information and sharing on:

  • Leadership strategies and competencies
  • Wellbeing, resilience and personal growth
  • Transition, industry and career tools

Event Location: We come to you for your staff and student needs!
We offer open networking, personal and professional development from venues throughout metropolitan and regional areas.
Common locations include Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Hills District, Southern Sydney, Hunter Region and Wollongong.

Principals, Educators and Professionals: Certificates of attendance will be given as evidence of personal hours of professional learning for Teacher and other Accreditation purposes.


Completing this course will contribute allocated hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 1.2.2, 3.5.2, 4.1.2 and/or 6.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


(*individual consultations also available)
Engaging Student through Motivations: Introducing Youth Maps We are excited to be introducing a new motivational tool to students of Australia and New Zealand. Extending our current programs and strengths-based assessment tools, Youth Maps offers students, teacher and parents an opportunity to connected passionately with their personal drive and engagement styles. Work within UK schools has demonstrated the impact of this tool, developed by an educator, in schools for staff development and student outcomes. 2


Principals/Executive Networking Event Wellbeing Australia, The Teachers Guild of NSW and Turning Point are pleased to collaborate to bring you an executive forum discussing the questions – How do we reinvent education? How can we build better Schools together?
Kathryn Taylor will moderate a panel of educational professionals including Linda O’Brien (Principal at Granville Boys High School), Darren Cox (Principal at St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock), Dr Paul Burgis (Principal at PLC Sydney) and Linda McNeil (Executive Director at Council of Catholic School Parents). Join us to change the face of education!

Register by emailing before 29/03/2018

Engaging Parents & Community: Supporting Student Transition Guest Speaker: Jacqui Van de Velde

In this Wellbeing Australia talk Jacqui will provide insight into creating positive Parent Engagement and so continuing dialogue and evolution to collaboration. She will share case studies and experiences of her involvement with a broad range of schools and parent expectations.

Professional Marketing: Utilising Social Media Guest Speaker: Yasmine Lucien, Media Marketing Expert

In this talk Yasmine will share details around how to use social media to promote your professional profile through examples of successes and errors of interns, professionals and job seekers. She will highlight how to identify and promote your brand to make your life easier.



Employability Skills: Industry & Workplace Trends Highlighting activities within the workplace, we will discuss what roles are evolving to utilise STEM or STEAM in the current market across a range of industries and so the skillset of candidates succeeding in this field. 2


Career Coaching Skills Ideal for those supporting students in career activities, a great platform for discussion of current resume writing expectations, interview techniques and industry activities. 4


Wellbeing Network: Helping Individuals Thrive An interactive morning of activities aligned to building understanding and responses to those experiencing stress or pressure. Sharing experiences within organisations, we will provide tangible methods of response, communication techniques and suggestions to build frameworks to create a positive response to pressure. 2


Free Career Networking & Updates This FREE EVENT focus on current hiring trends particularly addressing expectations of resumes, online profiles, applications & interviews. 2



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