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school student seminarTurning Point Consulting delivers educational strengths-based programs to schools, students and professionals with the view to clarifying self, purpose, goals and areas of enjoyment linked to self-development, leadership and career planning.

Our Wellbeing and Work Readiness programs have expand within the high school and tertiary space, ranging from 1 hour to whole day workshops to support Self-Awareness, Coping Skills, Life Skills and Work Skills.

Locationcareer planning workshop

Workshops are available throughout NSW and interstate as requested from your venue. Alternatively in Sydney workshops can be facilitated from our rooms at Summer Hill, Baulkham Hills, Hunter Valley or Wollongong.


Each session is between 45 minutes and an hour to suit your career programs. Please note private consultations or small group sessions are also available on request.


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Career Assessment through Strengths

Our program supports students in their transition into high school, subject selections, career decision making and transition to the workforce or further studies. (View flyer)

“Kathryn has successfully assisted our Careers Adviser and our College in providing our students, in particular our Year 12 students both relevant and comprehensive information with respect to future career pathways. Kathryn’s presentations to the students and the parents have been valuable and beneficial in providing the necessary guidance, material and expertise needed. We are grateful to Turning Point Consulting for the positive impact it has had in the support given.”

Antoinette McGahan, Principal, St Clare’s College Waverley

Life Skills

Supporting all students in their journey towards the workplace with a particular focus on non-academic students and those at risk of disengagement, we focus on core strengths and abilities relating to these areas to real life situations in the workplace. (View flyer)

The Brisbane Water Secondary College Careers Team found the day highly valuable for our students who got a lot out of it and as professional development for ourselves as well. At the end of the day, students provided feedback sharing that they thought the activities were fun, interesting, they understood the content, learnt something new and understand themselves better. All the students felt comfortable with the speakers, thought they were friendly and were interested by them.

Yvette Beemster, Career Adviser, Brisbane Water Secondary College

Industry Trends

career guidance seminarsA comprehensive workshop to learn about the new employment landscape with regard to employer expectations of new employees, findings of anticipated work readiness skills to support tools for personal promotion and job search strategies.

Year 10 students benefited from Kathryn’s workshops in our “Imagine the future'” program. The workshops were not only stimulating and engaging, they also gave students excellent grounding in resume writing and interview techniques. Effective communication skills, tips on job applications and discussion on building a career portfolio were excellent.” 

Meg Hall, Careers Counsellor, Ravenswood School for Girls

Positive Career Planning: Interview Skills

A collaborative workshop to learn about corporate expectations of interviewees during the recruitment process, highlighting both formal (targeted or behavioural) and informal (discussion-based) interview formats from a hiring professional. (View flyer)

A highly interactive workshop was provided that was tailored to suit the needs of our students and students appreciated the handy tips provided that they could use practically in setting themselves up for success.

Fran Fleeton, Principal, Al Sadiq College


Positive Career Planning: Resume Writing

An informative workshop to acquire an employers’ perspective on resumes within the current recruitment environment aligned to all aspects from job application to interview. (View flyer)

Kathryn delivered a great presentation to our Year 12 students about writing a professional resume that will stand out to future employers. The students learned valuable skills for their future careers on how to present themselves both on paper and in the interview. I highly recommend Kathryn as a presenter who communicates easily with young adults, both informing them and encouraging them to be the best they can possibly be in their future careers.

Andrea Pinnock, Careers Adviser, SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Positive Career Planning: Presentation & Appearance

high school student workshopsAn interactive workshop to learn about physical aspects of positive personal profiling for job seekers, interviewees and those seeking to improve their presence through enhanced body language, appearance & dress, as well as use of voice. (View flyer)

The Brisbane Water Secondary College Careers Team found the day highly valuable for our students who got a lot out of it and as professional development for ourselves as well. At the end of the day, students provided feedback sharing that they thought the activities were fun, interesting, they understood the content, learnt something new and understand themselves better. All the students felt comfortable with the speakers, thought they were friendly and were interested by them.

Yvette Beemster, Career Advisor, Brisbane Water Secondary College

Introduction to Scholarship & University Applications

Focusing on competencies and understanding of these we work to create a depth of knowledge as to personal abilities as demonstrated in school, work and home life for students to draw on in scholarship applications. Offering suggestions as to effective application writing we highlight areas requiring attention and recommend self-reflection, assessment of behaviours. We also equip students to manage challenges to confidence during the process of scholarship applications for further studies. (View flyer)

Kathryn is skilled at working across year levels, delivering best practice programs that provide current and relevant information. Students rate her highly in their feedback, which gives me confidence that they’re receiving a great experience.

Kerry Turner, Career Adviser, Moriah College

Subject Selections through Strengths

Why should students own their subject choices? What is the best method of selecting subjects to suit longer term visions that may not be clear as yet? Our Subject Selection workshops support students in beginning to engage with these questions and aligning their thinking to current capabilities and the possibility of what might be. (View flyer)

Kathryn Taylor offers an engaging and relevant subject selection seminar where students are able to link their interests and abilities with subjects offered to them in year 11 and 12 through an intense workshop session including discussion and activities which assist individual students have a clearer decision when it comes to subject choice. Kathryn is knowledgeable and has great expertise in this area and I would highly recommend her program to any school during their subject selection process.

Michelle Ibrahim, Career Adviser, Parramatta High School

Leadership Skills: Junior & Senior

conflict resolution seminarLeadership skills are essential to students at many stages of their education and transition to the high school. This is a hands-on session to guide students through leadership skills and supports them in understanding the opportunities to lead within their lives. (View flyer)

Leadership skills are essential to students at many stages of their higher education and throughout their transition to the workplace. This interactive, discussion based session will challenge students perceptions leadership whilst breaking down the competencies through real life examples. (View flyer)

Study Skills: Junior & Senior

Supporting all students, we take an individualised approach to student learning to identify study habits that will accommodate students learning styles and support their existing strengths. Working through practical case and storytelling of success through improved study technique we work with students to understand challenges to their work pattern and offer practical solutions to support their personal routines and activities around study and learning. (View flyer)

Bullying Prevention through Resilience: Junior & Senior

anti-bullying high school seminarDuring the workshops we will focus on positive tools to build resilience, self-esteem and positive decision making at age appropriate levels. Our junior workshops are highly energetic and interactive allowing for story telling, activities and group discussion on school, home and personals situations where resilience is key. We reinforce the difference between bullying focusing on resilience and different interpersonal styles as important in build confidence and awareness throughout our lives. Senior Workshops include Transition support, Relationship tools, Work readiness tips and Career alignment to support work skills and behaviours that will withstand uncertainty, change and varied personalities.

Our school engaged Turning Point consulting to engage our staff, students and community in resilience skills using the book How full is your bucket? Our students had the opportunity to work with Kathryn in engaging leadership activities to lead their peers in building skills to understand each other. The interactive workshops inspired our students to reflect on how they fill others buckets, who fills their buckets and how they can fill their own bucket developing a shared understanding and language across our school on resilience.

Our Parents and Community engaged with Kathryn from Turning Point consulting to strengthen their understanding of our schools resilience approach with How full is your bucket. Our parents and Community members reflected on the strength on working in partnership with school and home to build their childrens resilience skills. Our whole school community is able to talk the same language when reflecting on life experiences and we often here parents asking their children “whose bucket did you fill today?” Or “how did you fill someones bucket today?”

Katrina Berwick, Principal, Kingswood Park Public School

Approaching the Future

Addressing underlying concerns about change, the unknown and pressures on decision making during final years of schooling or studies, we provide an introduction to focus on future and potential next steps through opening opportunities. Utilising a positive psychology framework for emotional response, reflection of personal reaction to pressure of students.

“Kathryn Taylor held a series of workshops at the request of Meriden to help address an outbreak within our Year 12 group of anxiety and negative thinking within the cohort. Kathryn led the girls through a series of activities including a short PowerPoint presentation as well as individual and group work which allowed the students to reflect on their current thinking, the general quality of their self- talk and how to better frame their thinking regarding the future. During the process of the workshops, and with Kathryn’s assistance, the staff were able to identify particular individuals which required more specialised follow up. The students as a whole left with specific strategies with which they could work when facing anxiety and self- defeating thinking. It was a very helpful workshop for the students.”

Fiona D’Souza, Career Adviser and Teacher, Meriden School

Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills for the Workplace

school leadership trainingFocusing on understanding the psychology of conflict responses in addition to defining conflict and its causes we work with attendees to recognise the sources of conflict and preventative measures to enable productive interactions in the workplace and beyond. Engaging in activities we dissect communication skills and the potential outcomes of poor or misleading communication in various settings. (View flyer)

“Kathryn has been teaching our groups of young pre-apprentices about how to effectively communicate and resolve conflict since September 2015. The students have gained a lot of skills and self-awareness, even challenging themselves to grow and try new things in these sessions. Kathryn has also helped to boost the confidence of these young men and women ahead of job interviews for their apprenticeships. This confidence boost has been highly effective, with the vast majority of the students finding a position.”

Darin Grace, Training Manager, Master Builders Association of NSW


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