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Turning Point Consulting is proud to have team of talented professionals delivering our services. We are continuing to grow and so are always looking out for professionals seeking flexible, casual engagement in high quality coaching and consulting.

Turning Point Consulting Commences

Seeing these challenges I established Turning Point Consulting at the start of 2012 to provide the chance for individuals throughout all stages of life to see opportunities in their lives and career paths through programs that improved self-awareness, emotional intelligence, reflection and personal growth. In building the business I have been able to utilise vast networks to enrich staff and student’s lives through practical and individual coaching and application. Our educational programs have been carefully crafted to mirror and yet extend in-school and professional programs with comprehensive educator and networking and student forums founded in strengths-based methodology. Our work was consolidated in 2014 when we became recognised as an accredited provider of professional development by BOSTES, in 2016 when we were recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Leadership, Change and Wellbeing Service and when I was awarded an Honorary Fellowship for our work in education by The Teachers Guild of NSW.

Kathryn Taylor, Director & Owner

Kathryn Taylor Sydney Educational Consultant

BEd (Sec), Grad. Cert Career Development Practice, CAHRI MACE HFTGN CMF, Wellbeing Australia Board member, expert in Education and Wellbeing for ACPi
Director of Turning Point Consulting, a Centre of Excellence: Leadership, Change & Wellbeing Services (ACPi Pty Ltd)

Partnering schools and businesses to provide a holistic professional development platform that encompasses self-assessment, candid reflection, strategic planning and targeted outcomes. With over 18 years’ experience in education and corporate, in human resources, leadership, organisational change, talent management, purposeful performance appraisals and individual coaching, Kathryn provides insight to support individuals in positioning themselves for personal success. Recognised as a centre of excellence in Leadership, Change & Wellbeing Services, her business works across K-12 in faith-based, independent and department schools delivering staff, student and parent initiatives building wellbeing, transition, self and social development, in addition to career coaching services.


Schools, educators, students, parents and aligned associations are offered support in creating a platform for positive personal evaluation, planning and transition. Her consultation, educational programs and student workshops enable individuals in identifying and developing themselves through resilience, empowerment, motivation and engagement. Presenting at conferences for corporate leadership, DEC, Catholic Schools and AIS, attendees rate her highly with feedback including “thought provoking points raised to consider”, “the story telling using personal experience provided much value”, “I’ve taken a lot of learnings which I will implement in work and life” and “very motivating and made me feel empowered.” Kathryn’s strengths are in utilising a high energy, non-confrontational style for a candid reflection of capabilities to comfort, understand and support individuals to “See Opportunities” in themselves and their chosen field.

Emily Bartlett, Educational Consultant

Emily Bartlett Educational Consultant Sydney

BPsych (Hons)

Presenting with experience partnering Education, Clinical Practice, Schools and Positive Psychology, Emily has been accountable for designing, developing and facilitating programs for student and staff to result in improved resilience, leadership, engagement and wellbeing. Utilising her passion for psychology and currently undertaking her Clinical Masters, she achieves meaningful engagement through individual and group consultation and coaching to build emotional intelligence, purposeful procedures and action-orientation utilising evidence-based research and experiences. Currently as an Educational Consultant with Turning Point Consulting she implements her prior experience working with St Vincent de Paul, facilitating psycho-educational workshops with groups of adolescents and over seven years of individualised student tutoring. Her research and learning have resulted in significant academic gains in students, as well as improved self-confidence and self-esteem in all staff and students she has partnered. With a breadth of experience in psychological profiling and strengths assessment she provides insight into best practice in educational settings. Seeing value in connectivity with the broader school community, including students, teachers, parents, colleagues or school staff, she has developed a reputation for being “diligent”, “caring”, “reliable” and “trustworthy”.

Robin DeLucia, Corporate & Educational Consultant

Robin delucia education consultants
Certificate IV Training and Assessment, Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach

Robin has worked for a range of industries including technology, finance and consulting in small to multinational companies, such as IBM, American Express and Bank of America. With over 20 years of experience in the corporate to director level within Information Technologies, Human Resources and Customer Services, Robin has an established record of leading cultural change and developing emerging talent through facilitation of positive and professional coaching, professional development and strategic planning.  As a professional Career Coach, she is passionate about helping people uncover their talents, and through strengths-based psychology she continues to help them to identify and embrace meaningful careers.  With a specific focus on developing leadership in women, Robin supports women of all ages to “own” what is right about them, and leverage it in their daily lives and careers. She has conducted small to large workshops for various needs from software training to career transition services for redundant employees in all business sectors.  Her knowledge of the job market, its trends, and her drive to help people secure their next job, sets her apart from the rest. Robin’s positivity is always at play in her “can do” attitude and is contagious to others around her.  Robin is also highly skilled at managing large events and projects, and thrives working with people from diverse backgrounds, ages and experience levels using her “arranger”, “relator” and “woo” talents.

Hayley Pickering, Educational Consultant

Hayley Pickering Educational Consultant Sydney


Being around people and feeling as if I can make a positive difference to their lives is very important to me. I’ve always been drawn to roles where people are my key focus. My goal throughout my career in Human Resources and Learning & Development has always been to help people be the best they can he. Some of my most rewarding experiences at work have been working with individuals as they face major career choices and challenges. During these experiences, I listen to others before anything else, and try to put myself in their shoes. Rather than provide solutions, I see my role as a support, as the individual asks themselves questions and searches for answers.


I crave information. I have embraced technology so I can access information anytime, anywhere. Life in this busy world, unfortunately, does not allow me the time to bury my nose in a book for hours on end. But, continuing to gather new ideas and information is important to me and something I try to do whenever I have a few spare minutes. I have adopted a rather organic approach to my career, and although my roles have focussed on Human Resources and Learning & Development, I have always been flexible about the projects I take on and the groups I work with. From designing learning frameworks for secretaries to managing a graduate recruitment program and running leadership programs for senior lawyers, I’m always willing to take it on as I know I will grow my knowledge and expertise as a result. I believe my approach is one of flexibility and adaptability, which I think is extremely important given the changing demands of the modern workplace.


For me, learning is synonymous with happiness and feeling satisfied in my career. Learning not only relates to expanding my own knowledge, but also contributing to the development of others. It is therefore unsurprising that I completed a Bachelor Degree focussed on adult education and then centred my career around roles where I could be actively involved in learning and development strategy and programs. I have run workshops for people at all stages in their careers – from the university student who is still figuring things out through to graduates, those in the middle of their careers and senior employees. I believe everyone has the capacity and should have the desire to learn no matter how experienced they are. Learning is a lifelong journey; it’s what makes life really interesting.

Katrina Calverley, Educational Consultant

Katrina Calverley education consultant

BEd (Primary) COGE

With over 17 years in education, Katrina has been working within public and independent sectors in Australia and overseas and is currently part of The NSW Teachers Guild Gifted and Talented Committee. Thriving in the primary space, she has also conducted workshops and activities with high school aged students to deliver education tailored to individualised learning across mainstream, support, gifted and talented, literacy and numeracy requirements.

Throughout her career, Katrina has partnered behavioural units, educational psychologists and speech and language therapists to create, implement and delivery educational programs that maximise student engagement, self-confidence, and social and learning goals. She delivers education tailored to individualised learning across mainstream, support, gifted and talented, literacy and numeracy requirements and created and taught modified literacy, numeracy, science and social skills programs for students. Katrina has been responsible for designing motivating and meaningful opportunities for at risk students to build their self-esteem and regulate their behaviour in order to re-enter the playground or classroom, after a period of exclusion.

Katrina enjoys working with students, their families and their teachers, helping them to better understand the student’s gifts and specific needs, providing strategies to enhance their learning and emotional wellbeing. She is an expert in differentiating learning experiences; ensuring students embrace challenges and develop an understanding of their strengths and potential for growth. Her focus is to combine the principles of positive psychology, embedding thinking routines and instilling a growth mindset to inspire students to discover their cognitive potential and find joy in learning.

Yasmine Lucien, Corporate Consultant

Yasmine Lucien Corporate Consultant

BFA, DipMgt, GradCertMktg, Right Management Manpower Group: Leader as Coach

Yasmine is a Marketing Communications and a Brand and Business Development professional with extensive experience in developing strategic partnerships and creating “on-brand” content across entertainment, media, consumer products, retail, fashion, FMCG, home improvement, events, and advertising industries.

Throughout her marketing career, Yasmine is fortunate to have worked very closely with the following amazing brands and partners: ABC, ABC Kids, Arnott’s, Bananas in Pyjamas, BBC, Bloch, David Attenborough, Doctor Who, Dreamworld, Fisher Price, Foxtel, Giggle and Hoot, IBM, Little Britain, Mattel, McDonald’s, Peppa Pig, Planet Earth, Play School, Target, The Wiggles, Top Gear and triple j.

Yasmine loves marketing and creating brand campaigns and she has extended her brand management experience into consulting boutique businesses and clients on personal brand development. Yasmine is passionate about applying her marketing expertise into assisting clients develop their own personal brands through strategic planning and social media management. More than ever, there is now a real need for this in peoples’ career development paths with the acceleration and convergence of social media in both their personal and professional lives. Yasmine believes that authenticity is the most powerful element and this is the foundation on which she assists clients in creating their own brand stories.

Yasmine has also been a volunteer Career Coach and Stylist at Dress for Success where she has provided mentoring, advice and support for women’s career advancement in order to help them achieve economic independence through thriving in work and in life.

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