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Kathryn Taylor
Kathryn Taylor, Director & Owner of Turning Point Consulting, regularly contributes to educational leadership and student wellbeing publications. Several of her contributions follow.


Career Thinking – Tips & discussion points

Education Today

The great divide Impacting Wellbeing in Education

Optimism for Transition

Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL):


Wellbeing: A Decisive Element

Teaching Teams to Succeed

Proactive Career Management – Professional Presentation & Marketing

Proactive Career Management – Interviewing Your Best

Owning My Professional Development – Supporting My Wellbeing

Seeking Feedback & Feeding Back

Creating Meaningful Relationships

Proactive Career Planning for Teachers


Managing Lifes Challenges

Case Study – Re-engaging Students through Motivations

Competencies of a Great Coach – Driving Improved Outcomes

Inspiring Women to Lead

Strengths Vs Weakness in Leading Others

Making the Most of your Selection Process –  The Art of Interviewing

Embracing Constructive Conversations

Leadership for Performance

The Value of Trust in Leadership

Who’s on Your Bus

Setting Up for Success

Leadership through Understanding

Media Engagements & Articles

Educational Reporter – Bullying Prevention through Resilience

Education Technology Solutions – Teenagers in a Digital Age

Education Matters – Embracing Online Engagement in Education

ThoughtSpace, Gifted Families Support Group Inc – Developing Strengths-based Leadership in Students

Talking Lifestyle with Clinton Maynard – Teaching Resilience to Children

Talking Lifestyle with Ed Phillips & Sally Obermeder – How to Set your Child up for Success

Talking Lifestyle with Nick Bennett & Kayley Harris – What Age Should Children get a Job?

Alan Pearsall on 3AW – Talking Education:


Acceptance of Change for Positive Growth

Are you a Coach or a Problem Solver?

The Power of Positive Praise

Towards a Bullying-Free Culture

Preparing for the New Workforce

Encouraging Children to Think


Articles and Resources by Other Authors

Leaders & Professionals

Leadership skills

Feedback as key to great workers

Leadership lessons from executives

Staff engagement success through relationships

Influence in leadership

Managing difficult workplace personalities

Inspiring your team

Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers


Women in Leadership

women in leadershipWhat women think of leadership

2016 Women in leadership study

Educating Girls


Career Tools

3 Workplace trends being eliminated

2017 careers

Natural talent vs hard work

Changing careers 50+

27 things to do on your first day

Job clusters for job seekers

Interview tips

Non verbal cues to look for during an interview

Interview Tips

Top Myths about Employment Contracts

Rail Careers Australia

Master Builders Association NSW Pre-Apprenticeship Program



Resilience skills

Tips to be happy and healthy

Responding to failure

Managing negative self-talk

Building courage

Self-control in children is linked to success

Reduction in girls confidence

Teacher wellbeing Infographic

Wellbeing apps for youth

Positive or Negative Thinking Assessment

Preschool Programs into Emotional Intelligence

BTN – Healthy Minds for Kids

The Power of Yet

Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work

10 Tips for Behaviour Support

10 Tips about Nutrition Every Parent Should Know

Making Stress Your Friend

Michael Grose on Bullying


Educator Resources

Engaging Students: Creating Classrooms that Improve Learning (Grattan Inst)

GSP Results 2017

GSP Highlights 2017

Young people designing their own learning

Supporting kids with autism in the classroom

Tips for intrinsic motivation of students

Negative to Positive Phrases

Need for PD for Teachers


Parent Resources

Calming anxious kids

Tips for family screen time

Holistic listening skills

Reach Out Parenting

Positive social media use

Help making friends

Valuable praise from parents

Teens brains and what they need to know


Student Resources

Job challenges for youth

Opportunity Youth recruitment

Why study maths?

Your more than your ATAR – HSC survival tips

3 easy study tips for all ages

Job Ready Skills

Tips to Build Confidence

Young People at Work

Tips for Managing Stress Associated with HSC


Industry Reports

CEDA Workforce Report

PWC 2015 Industry Perspectives

LinkedIn ANZ Recruitment Trends 2016 

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