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Engaging people in their lives, work and studies is a challenge for many schools and organisations. Looking to find motivation in those who are struggling or positivity in those who have faced difficult and confusion is essential to changing the course of learning and behaviour.

Utilising positive frameworks, we support individuals and groups (small to large) in:

  • Recognising their capacities and potential
  • Finding strengths and talents in themselves
  • Understanding their relationship and interactions with others
  • Devising a pathway for improvement

Our online assessments provide a starting point for invaluable conversations with qualified coaches, mentors, experts and colleagues to create clarity, develop skills and establish direction to improve wellbeing and transition through improved self-esteem, developing self-confidence, positive reinforcement, gratitude and reflection, combined with planning and design of action steps.

As experienced coaches and consultants, we are experienced in utilising a broad range of assessment tools to support career, wellbeing, personal decision making and development planning.

Our process for individuals or groups encompasses:

  1. Online assessment
  2. Consultation and debrief on report findings
  3. Meaningful discussion individually or within a collaborative setting
  4. Design and development of personalised, targeted activities to create positive change

Our programs include the following.

Youth & Motivational Mapping (Accredited)

Designed by an educator to improve interactions within the mentoring, development and career transition of educators as well as interactions with students from years 5 to 12, Youth and Motivational Mapping © create a clear understanding of personal motivators through deep self-reflection and personal analysis in application to work, learning, relationships and wellbeing. Working with Executives through to students, our clients have noted the change in their interactions, ownership and engagement as a result of the clarity and energy delivered through this assessment and our tailored programs.

Our clients are utilising Youth Mapping © to assist with:

  • Transition between schools and stages
  • Study, classroom and learning design
  • Wellbeing and relationship issues
  • Individualised learning plans for –
    • Support
    • Gifted and talented
    • Indigenous youth

Executives, businesses and schools (we are a NESA accredited PD provider) find our work in Motivational Mapping of teams and staff supports:

  • Leadership teams in finding direction and aligning strategic plans to capacity
  • Professional learning and development from graduate to executive
  • Merging and acquiring new teams and staff members
  • Embedding a culture of wellbeing through recognition of individual capacity
  • Graduate/internship recruitment and development
  • Holistic and purposeful gender and diversity programs, including women in leadership

Strengths Profiling & Programs

Assessment ToolsUtilising Clifton Strengths assessment tools we work with youth from year 5 through to executives to identify strengths and talents while seeking to harness and develop these to continue personal development, respond to personal challenges and life stages. Our consultation and programs are with individuals through to groups, small and large, and offer each participant the time to reflect and build a positive sense of self through tangible outcomes.

Assessment vary by age as follows:

  • Youth (years 5 to 9) – StrengthsExplorer©
  • Youth (years 9 to tertiary) – Strengths Quest©
  • Adults and employees over 15 – Strengths Finder©

We have been running corporate training and school development programs (we are a NESA accredited PD provider) to assist individual staff, departments, teams and executives to:

  • Develop their emotional intelligence through improves self-awareness and specific outcomes
  • Hire staff to compliment their teams with strategic intent
  • Develop staff as individuals and as team to improve business outcomes
  • Improve wellbeing through positivity and a culture of strengths
  • Develop teaching and classroom management skills to respond to talents that differ to theirs

Our student programs are run with individuals, whole year groups and school programs addressing the areas of:

  • Transition to and from various stages
  • Career advice and planning
  • Wellbeing, resilience and anti-bullying programs valuing difference and the unique
  • Study skills, learning style and subject selections
  • Social skills and positive relationships
  • Leadership, both formal and informal in Primary and High School

We are also qualified and utilise reporting and assessments completed in schools by:

(*individual consultations also available)
Strengths for Wellbeing, Study & Life Our Strengths programs support students in their transition into high school, leadership, managing chance, subject selections, career decision making and transition to the workforce or further studies. Read our articles for client experiences. 3-5 hours


Re-engaging Students through Motivational Mapping Our Motivational programs support students in understanding their personal motivations. They assist students to transition between schools or stages, develop positive study and work habits, reconnect to their learning, set and achieve meaningful goals, position themselves for success in the school and workplace by embracing and optimising their natural gifts and talents. Read our case studies or articles for more information. 3-5 hours


Motivational Mapping Accreditation Coaching through Motivations offers schools a facilitator that creates meaningful conversations, individualised learning plans, proactive response to student wellbeing and school engagement by providing a framework of action to support students in their growth.


Assessing student motivations assists professional practice in student interactions by providing insight and evidence into:

  • Knowing students and how they learn
  • Planning for effective teaching and learning
  • Creating a supportive and safe learning environment
  • Specific evidence, feedback and reporting on student
  • Engaging collaboratively with parents/carers and the community


By understanding personal motivations, students are in an ideal position to:

  • Transition between schools or stages
  • Develop positive study and work habits
  • Connect to their learning
  • Set and achieve meaningful goals
  • Position themselves for success in the school and workplace
  • Embrace and optimise their natural gifts and talents
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